5 Must-Have Dive Equipment for New Zealand

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When it comes to diving, there is a lot of gear that you need in order to be safe and have a good time. This is especially true if you are diving in a new country, like New Zealand. There are many different types of dive sites in New Zealand, from reefs to wrecks, and each one requires different gear. Here are 5 must-have dive equipment items for diving in New Zealand:

1. A good wetsuit. New Zealand has a temperate climate, which means that the water temperature is not too cold, but it can still get chilly. A good wetsuit will keep you warm and help you to enjoy your dive.

2. A dive computer. A dive computer is an essential piece of dive gear, as it helps you to track your depth, time, and nitrogen levels. This is especially important in New Zealand, as the dive sites can be quite deep.

3. A dive mask. A dive mask is essential for seeing clearly underwater. Make sure to get a mask that fits well and does not leak.

4. Dive fins. Dive fins are important for helping you to move through the water. They also help you to stay in one place if you are diving on a reef.

5. A dive knife. A dive knife is a useful piece of dive gear, as it can be used for cutting line, opening oysters, or self-defense.

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