The Top 5 Dive Techniques and Specialties in New Zealand

Diving is a popular activity in New Zealand, with many people enjoying the opportunity to explore the country’s underwater world. There are a variety of dive sites and diving conditions in New Zealand, so it’s important to have the right skills and equipment for the conditions you’ll be diving in.

Here are five of the most popular dive techniques and specialties in New Zealand:

1. Wreck diving

There are many shipwrecks around the coast of New Zealand, making it a popular destination for wreck divers. The wrecks vary in depth and condition, so it’s important to choose a dive site that is suitable for your level of experience.

2. Drift diving

Drift diving is a popular choice for divers in New Zealand as it allows you to cover a lot of ground and see a variety of marine life. Drift diving is best done with a buddy as you can easily become separated in the current.

3. Night diving

Night diving is a great way to see a different side of the underwater world. Many marine creatures are more active at night, so you’ll have the chance to see them in their natural environment.

4. Deep diving

New Zealand has many deep dive sites, so it’s a great place to learn deep diving skills. Deep diving requires specialised equipment and training, so it’s important to make sure you are properly prepared before attempting a deep dive.

5. Photography

Underwater photography is a popular hobby for many divers. New Zealand’s clear water and diverse marine life make it the perfect place to take some amazing underwater photos.

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