The equipment you need for Underwater Diving in New Zealand

When you’re planning a diving trip to New Zealand, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. Here’s a list of the essential gear you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable diving experience in New Zealand.


A good quality wetsuit is essential for diving in New Zealand. The water temperature can vary depending on where you’re diving, but is generally around 12-18 degrees Celsius. A wetsuit will help you to stay warm and comfortable in the water.


Your regulator is one of the most important pieces of diving equipment. It’s what allows you to breathe underwater. Make sure you choose a regulator that is durable and reliable.


A buoyancy compensating device (BCD) is another essential piece of diving gear. It helps you to control your buoyancy underwater.


Your diving mask is important for protecting your eyes from the water and for providing clear vision underwater. Make sure you choose a mask that fits well and doesn’t leak.


Fins are essential for swimming efficiently underwater. They’ll help you to move through the water with ease.


A snorkel is a useful piece of equipment, even if you’re not planning on diving. It allows you to breathe easily on the surface while you’re swimming.

Diving Knife

A diving knife can be a useful tool for cutting through tangled lines or seaweed. It’s also a good idea to have a knife as a safety precaution in case you get into difficulty underwater.

Dive Computer

A dive computer is a useful tool for monitoring your depth, time and oxygen levels while you’re diving. It’s a good idea to have a dive computer even if you’re a experienced diver.

These are the essential pieces of equipment you’ll need for diving in New Zealand. Make sure you have all of this gear before you head out on your next diving adventure.

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