Terms and Conditions


Day Tours, & Multi-Day Live-a-Shore Charter Conditions

Please see our updated Terms and Conditions safety-statement-and-policies(PDF)

Click to View: Customer information and Liability Release(PDF) Please be familiar with this document as you will be required to fill in and sign as part of Go Dive Marlborough and Go Dive NZ’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Tour Definitions

  • Day Tour: scheduled trips to the Lermontov reporting in Picton at 5.00pm and returning to Picton by 6pm the next day-includes one night’s accommodation at the lodge and optional meal package at our Dive Lodge. Go Dive can arrange day trips without having to stay overnight at the Lodge in Port Gore. These are by special arrangement.
  • Scheduled Multi-Day Live-a-Shore Tour: 2 or more days in Port Gore wreck and reef diving, scheduled by Go Dive and advertised on our internet site.
  • Charter Tour, group charter organised and scheduled by independent group or dive shop.

Booking Confirmations

  • One-third deposit is required to confirm group charter reservations. This is a non-refundable deposit.
  • One-third non-refundable deposit required immediately upon making your reservation for Day Tours and Scheduled Live-a-Shore Tour reservations.
  • The non refundable balance for Scheduled Live-a-Shore and Charter tours is payable 7 days prior to departure and 12 hours prior to departure for Day Tours.
  • Reconfirmation of your arrival time to arrange pickups, reporting times and kit is required 24 hours prior to all tour departures. Trips & Charters cannot depart unless full payment has been received.

Transport to Dive Sites

Go Dive does offer complementary transport to Port Gore if space is available on request, if you are self driving then we will supply you with a map and directions or view these on our photo gallery.

  • Transport to Port Gore can be arranged for you if space is not available, or you want some independence. An extra charge will be applicable depending on your requirements.
  • For group charters we supply limited transport, depending on your requirements there may be an extra charge to cover the cost of rental vehicles.

Pickups/Drop offs

  • Pick up’s from accommodation businesses within Picton and the Picton Ferry terminal by arrangement at no cost.
  • For pickups/drop offs from the Blenheim Airport a charge of $50.00 each way will apply. For transfers from the Picton Airport a charge of $25.00 will apply.

Live-a-Shore duration

Charters are available for up to 7 days. All tours including scheduled Live-a-Shore tours report in Picton, at *5.00pm the evening before the first charter day and arrive back in Picton at 5.30pm or later on the last day. Meals on the evening of departure and the evening of return not included.

*Arrangement for late arrivals can be made if required, in such cases Go Dive needs to be made aware of your arrival time when booking.

Go Dive highly recommend you plan to stay overnight at the Lodge on the last day of diving, this allows for one extra dive, a more relaxing last day and time for everyone to unwind with a final celebratory meal. Departure from the Lodge the next day is by 9am with arrival in Picton or Blenheim at 12pm. A $85.00 per head charge applies.


Go Dive supplies, bath towel, pillow and slip, bottom sheet, top sheet and summer weight duvet. Throw rugs available for cooler nights


No smoking is allowed on any of Go Dives vessels and only in restricted areas outside the Lodge.

Lermontov Lodge

  • The Lodge is nearly 3 hours scenic drive from Picton, with the closest shop being in Picton. You will need to purchase all your personal requirements prior to departure from Picton
  • The Lermontov Lodge is a remote eco friendly facility. There is no cell phone coverage and only VHF contact with Go Dives base. Conservative diving is required.
  • Only eco friendly cleaning products are used and all rubbish must be taken out for disposal.
  • During your stay we ask that you respect the livestock and wildlife in the area and help our staff keep the Lodge clean and tidy by removing footwear before entering the lodge and occasionally helping with domestic duties like drying dishes.
  • Limited spare equipment is available at the lodge so make sure you have all your kit with you, and bring plenty of spare batteries for your lights. Battery charging available for re-chargeables.
  • Go Dive supply home cooked meals for all charters and tours; if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know at time of booking. An extra charge may apply for those with special food requirements, i.e. Gluten Free.
  • Breakfast at the Lodge is from 7am to 8am and we return to the Lodge each day no later than 6pm after each days diving
  • No dogs or pets allowed due to native birds and organic status of surrounding farm land and stock.

Dive sites visited and dive restrictions

  • We will endeavour to reach the dive site of choice, but due to weather conditions and other unknown factors that are beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the site and a suitable alternative will be chosen if possible.
  • Scheduled live-a-shore tours dive at least 1 planned day on the Lermontov; the choice of site for consecutive days is up to Go Dive Marlborough and the general wishes of the dive group. Generally 80% of the dives are on the Lermontov.
  • Scheduled live-a-shore and day tours make no allowance for technical diving, if you wish to dive Twins, Sidemount, Nitrox or CCR’s then please advise us well prior to departure so we can make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Day tours allow for 2 single tank guided dives, with an optional 3rd dive available on request for $85.00 but only during day light saving hours.
  • Scheduled Live-a-Shore tours and charters allow for up to 2 single cylinder dives per day during day light saving months, with the first two dives of the trip guided and *subsequent dives guided by arrangement. The final dive must be completed by 5.30pm each evening during summer or by 4.30pm between the months of May to Oct.
  • All day tour dives are guided; the first two dives of group charter and scheduled Live-a-Shore tours are also guided. These dives are orientation dives and do not include penetration outside the light zone.
  • * Go Dive can provide extra guided dives on request; please discuss your group’s requirements with our operations manager prior to your charter.
  • Night dives possible but are weather and time dependent and count as the second dive of the day.
  • On the last day of all tours we plan to be back in Picton by 5.30pm, this means that when diving the Lermontov the last diver must be out of the water by 1pm. Two dives may be possible based on previous days dive time and depth exposure. Go Dive will control and monitor exposure on these dives closely. We highly recommend staying at the Lodge on the last night.
  • Due to altitude considerations on the drive out from the Lodge, two dives with depth and time restrictions will apply on the last day (see above) . No decompression dives allowed on the last day. Alternately you can arrange to stay an extra night and drive out early the next day. Go Dive will control and monitor depth and time exposure on all dives.
  • Wreck penetration is discouraged unless you have a guide or are well orientated to the wreck. Deep penetration is generally not an acceptable practice on Go Dives Scheduled Live-a-Shore tours, as it requires a number of dives to orientate your self prior to penetration. The Lermontov is unforgiving to those whom are not prepared or venture beyond a reasonable dive plan.
  • Removal of artifacts from historical wrecks is prohibited under NZ law. Removal of loose odds and ends from the Lermontov is acceptable; removal of fixtures or fittings from the Lermontov is prohibited under NZ law.
    * Go Dive can provide extra guided dives on request; please discuss your group’s requirements with our operations manager prior to your charter.

Go Dive Marlborough Artifacts Recovery Edict

  • 1. Only artifacts found outside accepted recreational diving limits (beyond the light zone) using approved deep penetration techniques and equipment can be taken. These artifacts must be non-fixed items like plates, cups etc.
  • 2. Be conservative to the amount of artifacts you collect and take only those items that you intend to display.
  • 3. No artifacts can be sold or profited from.
  • 4. Don’t kill yourself doing it.

Day Tour Restrictions

  • Day tours cater for two recreational, limited penetration, no decompression guided dives. Twin cylinders or Sidemount can be used on request at an extra cost.
  • A third dive is optional on request during day light saving hours at an extra cost.
  • Oxygen for Nitrox and twin sets need to be ordered at the time of booking.

Technical Diving
(Charter and scheduled Live-a-Shore tours only)

Go Dive Marlborough specializes in technical diving charters. The following is a guideline to what we have available and diving procedures.

  • Go Dive will provide a guide for the first two dives on group charters and Live-a-Shore tours as required; if you require a guide for subsequent dives please advise us when booking.
  • Charter rates do not include the provision of O2. We can supply J Cylinders of Aviation grade 02 on request.  Blending takes place on shore between dives.
  • For scheduled Live-a-Shore and day tours there is a charge per single or twin cylinder  for EANx32.
  • Group charter rate does not include cylinder rental or air fills, please notify Go Dive of your requirements prior to arrival.

Dives per Day

Depending on the mix of divers in your group, two CCR, twin or single cylinder dives are possible on every day of your group charter, with the possible exception of the last day. If you have chosen to travel out on the last diving day, then only one dive may be possible and be based on previous dive time and depth exposure. If the group consists of 2 or more diving twins, then one dive of each day will need to be on an air top-up.

Air Fills: Go Dive supplies two single cylinder fills per day. If you are diving sidemounts or twins and require cylinder fills between dives there will be an extra charge of $12.00 per fill. This does not apply to charter groups.

If you have chosen the preferred option of staying at the Lodge on the last day of diving then 2 dives are possible on the last day.

Typical summer schedule for a two-dive day:

  • Breakfast at 7am
  • Kit up for first dive at 7.45am
  • At dive site by 8.45am
  • Back at Lodge by 11am
  • Lunch 11.45am
  • Kit up for second dive 1.45pm
  • At dive site by 2.30pm
  • Back on beach by 5pm
  • Evening meal 7.30pm

To get in two dives per day this schedule needs to be followed closely, with groups being well organized.

If you choose to dive Nitrox or have Sling, Twin or Rebreather consumable or cylinder requirements then please notify Go Dive off your requirements at least 2 weeks prior to your charter.

  • Decompression dives must be followed by at least a 3 hour surface interval prior to any repetitive dive. Time and depth limitations will apply on your last day of  diving due to to altitude restraints on the drive out.
  • 32% EANx is our standard mix, if you require a special mix please advise Go Dives Operation Manager
  • If you require side mounted deco gases we can do up to 1 x 50% EANx mix per diver, per day, please allow for this when ordering your O2 for the trip/charter
  • It is up to group charters to supply your own hardware to rig deco slings. It is up to group charters to provide a Gas Analyser; Go Dive will provide a back-up analyser and provide one on scheduled Live-a-Shore tours and day tours. An Analyser is available to rent.
  • Only divers with advanced wreck diving training, experience and equipment may perform penetration dives beyond the light zone
  • All divers must write their dive information at the end of each day in the Dive Roster.

Go Dive Marlborough can supply twined 12 litre steel cylinders with manifolded 300 bar valves, alloy deco cylinders from 5 to10 litre, all with DIN valves.

All divers will be asked to read and sign Go Dives “Customer Information Form” which includes an Affirmation and Liability Release. We will need to sight proof or training.

Rebreather Divers

  • Rebreather divers may complete two dives per day, with the dives having a total run time no longer than 90 minutes.
  • If the group is made up of CCR and twin open circuit divers, then a separate J cylinder may need to be ordered for the CCR divers
  • 797 Grade 1 – 2.5mm absorbent for CCR’s is available if requested in advance.
  • Limited O2 and diluent ¾ 2.6l and 3l cylinders are available without valves on request, standard valves available. Please let us know your requirements when making your reservation.

Please let us know your requirements when making your reservation.

Travel after diving: Due to the height of the road out when diving in Port Gore we schedule a 3 hour sea level surface interval before driving out. The last days diving is planned using the NOAA air tables and increase in altitude exposure tables and meets Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2299.1-2007


The dive restrictions listed above are put in place due to the very remote location that diving takes place, the distance to medical help and time restraints in blending gas between dives. Go Dive’s first priority is our guests and staffs health and safety. Please respect and consider this if asking us to deviate from these conditions. If you do deviate from these conditions without consent you may not be allowed to enter the water again during your tour.

Shipping of equipment

Go Dive Marlborough is more than happy to act as a shipping address and store your equipment until your arrival. But plan this early, as past groups have arrived while CCR’s are still in transit. Ship early to avoid delays. It is up to you to organise the return shipping on completion of your trip.

Damages and losses

Damage or loss to Go Dive Marlborough’s vessels or equipment by negligent use by the user will result in charges being made to replace or repair damaged or lost items.

Hunting & Collecting of seafood on wreck dive charters

  • Seafood collection is possible but we only collect enough for pre dinner entrée‘s
  • No spear guns allowed on scuba

Summary of extra costs

  • Optional third dive on day tours: $85.00 (summer only)
  • Accommodation & meal package on last day/night of group charter: $85.00 pp
  • Twin Cylinder Rental: $20 per day
  • Single 12 litre steel cylinder $15.00
  • Air fills $10.00 (charter only)
  • Deco/Sling Cylinder Rental: $10.00 per day
  • Deco Regulator: $10.00 per day
  • Rebreather 2.6/3litre O2 & Diluent cylinders, (no valves) $10.00 per day
  • J Cylinder of Aviation Grade Oxygen: $400.00 (Refund for gas not used) or 4.5 cents per litre. Sofnolime: $22.50 per kilo
  • Extra guide: $230 per day (guide on first two dives no charge)
  • EANx 32% Single: $10.00 Day tour and scheduled Live-a-Shore only
  • EANx 32% Twin: $18.00 Day tour and scheduled Live-a-Shore only
  • Gas Analyser Rental: $15.00 per day
  • Picton Airport transfer: $25.00 per transfer up to 6 pax
  • Blenheim Airport transfer: $50.00 per transfer up to 6 pax