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Spring Roundup

Thank god the winter is behind us and we have the entire summer to look forward to, going by the weather in recent times and the forecast it is stacking up to be another stunning summer like last year.

Go Dive has a heap happening this year with a few very exciting developments in the pipe line which will be off great benefit to those of you diving the Lermontov with us. More about those though as they happen.


Unfortunately Brent Jnr has left us for greener pastures, however I have just secured the services of another very experienced technical diver, who has a lot of overseas cave and wreck diving experience and is a trimix instructor.

For those of you keen on a weekend diving the Lerm I have a one weekend special for club members running for $285.00. That’s $285.00 for two days diving with accommodation and meals. There are limited spots so give me a call if you are keen, remember this is clear water time on the Lerm, so you might be lucky. If you aren’t a club member the one off member fee is $75.00 so still a cheap weekend diving.

I look froward to catching up with you sometime in the near future

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Advanced Wreck

Congratulations to our recent # TDI Advanced Wreck students, Ronald Mundell, David Bristol, Geoff Miller and Craig Brady. The guys found the course challenging but rewarding, and one of the best courses they have completed as a diver. With 6 penetration dives, all including some advanced skills, like entering and exiting the #Lermontov through restricted entry exit points, swimming for a distance of 50 + metres inside the wreck while following their previously laid line, all while blindfolded and sharing air from another team member. That requires some good buoyancy skills, and confidence and trust with other team members. Well done guys.

Advanced Wreck group

Advanced Wreck group

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Ellie’s First Course

Congratulations to Flora who has just finished her SDI open-water course with Ellie. This was Ellie’s first course since finishing her Instructor training.

Sohie, SDI instructor trainee with Ellie middle and Flora on the right

Sophie SDI instructor trainee with Ellie middle and Flora on the right at the Fish Reserve.

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TDI training on the Lermontov

Congratulations to Andrew Belcher and Andrew Cooper from Brisbane and Geoff Infield from Wellington who just completed their Adv Wreck, Adv Nitrox and Deco Pro courses with Go Dive.

Happy TDI Divers

Happy TDI Divers

The courses were held over the last week while staying at Go Dives Lodge in Port Gore, with all the land based facilities only 5 minutes boat ride out to the Mikhail Lermontov, all training was completed with ease over a 7 day period, which included 10 dives on the Lermontov with a final non-training dive through the Leningrad Restaurant.

Sadly our SAC swim was rudely interrupted by a very playful Orca that spent 20 plus minutes entertaining us as she imitated out barrel roles and vertical head stands, all while given us a lesson in trim and buoyancy. A once in a life time experience.


For those keen on diving the wreck soon we have space on our Easter weekend trip, give Brent a call for details on 0800 GODIVE.

Safe diving 😮

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years

A little bit belayed I know, however our feet have hardy touched the ground over the last 4 weeks due to an incredibly busy period of training and guided dives.

Ande...flys on the Lermontov

Ande…fly’s on the Lermontov

With the weather coming right the dive conditions have been fantastic, with visibility on the Lermontov up to 15 metres and King Fish on most dives.  On Thursday evening we were treated to a pod of Orcas coming right into the bay bellow the lodge – nothing like experiencing such a display of natural wildlife while enjoying a cold beer on the porch. We have also found a few new dive sites in Port Gore on Hunia Point, yesterday I dived the site and were buzzed by at least 30 full size Kingies, other species of fish included, Moki, Teraki, Goatfish, Banded Wrasse, Butterfly Perch, Scarlet Wrasse, Blennies, Leather Jackets and Blue Cod.

With plenty of summer left we are looking forward to plenty of more good diving. With heaps of trips to the Lodge scheduled, now’s the time to take a advantage of the great summer conditions.

Safe Diving

Cheers Brent 😯



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