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APEKS Reg Winter Special

Apeks are currently running a special on some model regulators, including the DS4, XTX20, XTX50, XTX100 and XTX200. In some cases these are available at nearly half the normal retail price, for instance an XTX100 is going for $775.00. Available in yoke or DIN. Prices while stocks last, if you are after a quality reg then now’s the time to buy.






Safe diving Brent ūüôĄ

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Weekly Roundup



This weekend we have our club scallop dive weekend. The trip was full, but due to two cancellations caused by the flue we do have space for any last minute bookings.

The weather looks pretty good for the weekend so with the visibility being around 10m at the moment we are looking forward to a few good days diving.

The dates and price are now set for next July’s Fiordland trip, there is limited space available on this trip, so be in quick to book your spot.

New Club Members: ūüėÄ

Welcome Annette Vickers and Geoff Stevens to Dive Club Marlborough. Annette and Geoff live up North and are listed in on both our Club Buddy page and Rec Tec page.


I have been very busy over the last 4 weeks servicing regulators etc. One very noticeable problem with some regulators, especially the ones that haven’t been serviced for a some years is the state of the internal parts and spaces. Although you may soak your kit in fresh water after a dive, inevitably some salt always remains and over time will cause internal metal parts to corrode and in the case of metal threads may cause them to weld themselves together. So although you may be saving in the cost of a¬†service, your regulator may be irreversibly damaged by corrosion and you may be up for a very expensive repair job or a new reg.

Its not only the corrosion that could be problem, it is the bugs that thrive in warm, wet & damp environments. A diver in Europe recently died from a chest infection caused by breathing from his BCD. Food for thought. Maybe soaking your mouthpiece in and flushing your BCD out with some mild disinfectant like Milton might not be such a bad idea.


Exploded view of a 2nd stage, plenty of parts to corrode if not looked after


My advice is to have your regulator and BCD checked each year. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full service every year, but at least it will allow problems and corrosion to be identified and dealt with before they pose a problem.

Check out¬†Go Dives on-line “Regulator Health Check’ this costs you nothing and will help identify any issues early.¬†


safe diving

Brent ūüėÜ ¬†



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On-line Shop

Hi…I trust the winter is off to a good start for you all, It has certainly been nice¬†so far in Marlborough, with warm temps and clear waters. Other than diving,¬†I¬†have been busy upgrading Go Dives web site.¬†The introduction of the Rec Tec and Buddy Groups on the site is proving very popular, each¬†now having a good number of members, some from as far as Aussie. ūüė鬆¬† the other more recent inclusions being the introduction of elearning for many PADI training program’s,¬†a descriptive events calender where more info and images on¬†events and dives is¬†available on a click of a button¬†and our on-line shop.

The on-line shop although nothing new to the market does provide customers with competitively priced products, that come with a guarantee and in most cases are held in stock (not all colour & sizes are held in some products) plus club members still get their discount off the advertsied price. It also has a second hand category where customers can purchase kit that has been inspected and serviced. Club members can list their unwanted kit on this page and only pay a service fee which is built into the sale price.

The big innovation however to the on-line shop is Go Dives servicing category, which comes complete with the worlds first on-line “Regulator Heath Check”¬†a free service. This “Health Check” enables you to complete a self assessment of your regulator and then submit the results to Go Dive via email for our advice on whether your kit needs further attention.

Many of us intend to leave the servicing of our regulators, BCD’s and valves until they show physical signs of wear or start to cause us grief before or during a dive – not a good idea when your life¬†is dependent on it working 100%. Having been in the industry for a few years now, I can understand why we tend to¬†do this –¬†I have heard horror stories of¬†what some shops are charging for servicing¬†and in other cases divers being told their regulators¬†are obsolete due to parts not being available.¬†In many of these cases this is simply¬†untrue and in my opinion due to¬†inexperienced¬†shop technicians or a over zealous¬†shop owner wanting to sell you a new reg.¬†

With many shops in New Zealand either closing or being sold to new people coming into the industry,¬†this trend is not going to improve any time soon. With Go Dives “Health Check” and capped labour rates, we can quote you the maximum that it will cost to service or repair kit. Return freight is free within New Zealand and you can be confident that you will be getting a professional service at a fair rate.

Follow the link below to¬†check out the service and to complete a “Health Check”, don’t forget to like¬† the¬†page so your friends can do the same.¬†Once you have submitted the “Health Check” form, I will get back to you with advice on whether any work needs to be completed on your kit.

safe diving

Brent ūüėõ

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