Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years

A little bit belayed I know, however our feet have hardy touched the ground over the last 4 weeks due to an incredibly busy period of training and guided dives.

Ande...flys on the Lermontov

Ande…fly’s on the Lermontov

With the weather coming right the dive conditions have been fantastic, with visibility on the Lermontov up to 15 metres and King Fish on most dives.  On Thursday evening we were treated to a pod of Orcas coming right into the bay bellow the lodge – nothing like experiencing such a display of natural wildlife while enjoying a cold beer on the porch. We have also found a few new dive sites in Port Gore on Hunia Point, yesterday I dived the site and were buzzed by at least 30 full size Kingies, other species of fish included, Moki, Teraki, Goatfish, Banded Wrasse, Butterfly Perch, Scarlet Wrasse, Blennies, Leather Jackets and Blue Cod.

With plenty of summer left we are looking forward to plenty of more good diving. With heaps of trips to the Lodge scheduled, now’s the time to take a advantage of the great summer conditions.

Safe Diving

Cheers Brent 😯



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